Denon MXC8000 Electronic Fault

Hello everyone,

I have had my MCX8000 for a bit of time now and really enjoy it, however, i have what appears to be an electronic fault of some sort but i could be wrong so thought i would ask on here.

When i have started to play today if i press the CUE button on channel 1 it turns both channel 1 & 2 on - Same if i press the CUE button on channel 2.

If i press FX2 on channel 2 it turns it off but turns FX1 on channel 4 on - Some of the other FX buttons are doing the same.

Can someone please help with why it could be doing this and has anyone ever had this happen / know a solution?

Also - I live on the Isle of Man - Who would i contact for a repair if i need one?

Thank you for your time Mathew

Standalone mode or using dj software? If it doesn’t do it in standalone mode then it’s not a hardware issue.

Thank you for your reply and sorry i am only just responding.

Its so strange as yesterday i fired up the controller and everything is working as normal again but i am so confused as to why it would do it in the first place?

To clarify i was having the issues whilst using it with Serato but if it happens again i will test on stand alone mode.

Currently the unit is under warranty until October so unsure whether it needs to be looked at anyway?

Sounds just like a gremlin. If it doesn’t happen again then you should be OK.