Denon MCX8000 pitch slider problem negative BPM tempo

I have a problem with my Denon Dj MCX8000 firmware 2.5 Only left pitch tempo slider don’t work correctly, in particular it work only with positive range, after 0 it stop to work. In the video it’s connected with serato, but same behavior is with standalone prime and with tractor. So the problem is on the controller. My idea is that pitch slider is broke, but after test all button i found that if i press + and - together pitch slider start to work. But after release buttons pitch range come back. Is there some one can help me to understand what’s happen? or how to reset? thanks Fabio

Try some switch cleaner. If that doesn’t work your fader needs replaced.


Thanks for reply, but fader work great, it’s 100% a controller problem. Please look the video, when press +and- buttons slider work well. Another think is that fader work ok till 0 tempo range don’t work only in negative

I also check with midi viewer and slider work well problem is that work only when press +and- simultaneously

Tnks Fabio

Try the free version of VDJ to see if the same happens. You get a 10 minute trial.

@kradcliffe Tnks for your fast reply. I try with traktor and behavior is the same as serato. Behavior is the same also in standalone mode with prime software.

I check with midi viewer and slider work well.only when I press +and- buttons.

I’m be sure it’s a controller software problem, but really I don’t understand why happen.

So in this way controller is unusable.


Try reloading an older firmware version then update again to clear the memory

If that doesn’t work then it’s a hardware issue.

This action and the behaviour of the fader makes it sound like it’s a faulty fader. Plain and simple. Hardware can become faulty. Hardware that can be moved can become faulty more easily sometimes.

If the pitch control isn’t making a god connection with all of its contacts, or if the electrical track which runs along the fader or underside of the sliding part , it can make it stop working. Your pressing down on two buttons nearby, might be flexing the board just enough to make the contacts connect.

You might just need the existing pitch control re-seated/resoldered or you may need a new pitch control.

As it’s doing it on standalone and on all softwares you’ve tried, AND it’s righting itself when pressure is applied to the area, it seems to be a physical connection issue, rather than phantom maverick firmware.

@Nitebeatz Thanks a lot for your reply What you tell me is my first impression, but isn’t this, or better I think isn’t this.

First I remove and completely clean slider two months a go, and till last week all work well. Slider contact impossibile influence from the + and - buttons, they are near the slider, but the slider is itself inside a metal body, and the contact are in a position not influenced from metal surface pressire

Second the behaviour is not the one of bad contact, slider go well till ZERO after this it stop to work. Work really really well till ZERO.

( Last software operation before issue is Pitch in time licence registration ant test)

But I’ll try to check all the solutions

Any one know where I can to buy a MCx8000 slider?

About firmware downgrade the procedure is the same as upgrade but with old version?

Tnks a lot for the support guys! Fabio

Ps. Do you know if Denon have offer for mxc8000 owner for migrate to a newest controller?

Yes, to downgrade its the same process. If you need an older version I can give you a link.

@kradcliffe Today i downgrade to 2.1 firmware, nothing change

@Nitebeatz I think your suggestion is correct, I need replace slider

Any one know where to buy a slider?

Here appear to be the porch slider of the 4000 controller, is the same for the 8000?

Tnks Fabio

Try ebay. Failing that you could contact Denon support in your country. Probably better to call as email support is dreadful.