Denon MCX8000 displays Freeze Serato and Standone

Hello guys, Before almost 1 year i bought Denon MCX8000, Perfectly controller, I’m inlove, 8 months It worked perfect, but after 4 months ago it starts to freeze displays with Serato and only in standalone mode. I’ve updated everything but it still freeze, I have powerfull laptop and good cables. I send it to the shop where i bought, but no help. Any ideas? Thank you

This is a hardware fault & should be taken to a Denon dealer to sort out. It should still be under warranty.

contact denon support, they will arrange a repair, they had mine back just over a year ago for this issue, fitted the new upgraded parts and it’s been fine ever since, even with screen brightness at 100%

Please clarify what is freezing up. Is it the Serato on the Laptop or the Controller or both the Laptop and Controller.

There aren’t many PCs or Macs that come straight from the store or factory that are already tweaked out and ready for DJs. We have to tweak them ourselves. I have a fairly new fast Laptop too and I had to tweak it. I had to enable a lot of the features on it. They had a lot of the setting set at minimum so, it wouldn’t be their fault if the Laptop burned out.

Here, try some simple things:

Uninstalling the old driver and installing a fresh driver: Go to Device Manager on your PC and uninstall the Denon MCX Driver and completely delete it. Then install a Fresh Driver and see if it helps! The driver is 3 parts, 1 part is for the main controller and the other 2 parts are for the left and right video screen.

Try a different USB Cable (with the built in filter like the cable you got with the controller). A printer cable is similar and can be used.

Try most or all of these steps listed on Serato: Denon DJ MCX8000 - Getting Rid of Freezing, Distortion, Dropouts and other Performance Issues

Hopefully that helps! If it doesn’t then see if you have to send it in. Let us know if you still need help! Good luck!

The title says it all: MCX8000 Displays freeze with Serato and in stand alone. This is well known issue with the 8000.

I have a similar problem when I use it in stand alone mode. In my case, the screen on the left side is frozen, and for it to work again, the equipment must be turned off and then on again. It can work properly well after a few minutes and comes back and freezes. I have the latest firmware installed. I tried reinstalling it but it doesn’t stop.

The general workaround for this issue is to turn down the brightness of your display & change the led jog ring to single led. This has helped a lot of people (including myself) but unfortunately, the problem eventually returns. Sorry to say this, but you have faulty ram on your left display pcb. The only true solution here is to send it in and fix it properly. Denon ‘should’ do this for you under warranty.