Denon mcx8000 crasch

Hello, i bought three past day this controller, but it crasch, display freeze always, after 1 or 5 or 15 minuts, i tried to update firmware, change cable, play stand alone, nothing it crasch always

This display freeze is a known problem with the MCX. Many many many units has this problem. The good part is you will get it fixed, contact Denon support for further advice.

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Try changing display brightness. I’ve read that a couple of times…

Even if that has effect for some users, it’s not a long-term solution. Contact support and get it sorted, so you can trust your unit.


contact denon get it fixed mine is away being sorted as we speak

Please contact Technical Support

Chloe, don’t you think it’s time for Denon to make an official statement regarding this freezing and crashing on the MCX8000. It would be most honest. People are still repeatedly calling in to this forum for help and it is a very stressful situation when your gear just packs down in the middle of your gig. Come on, we all know by now there is a hardware flaw hidden inside the MCX which is probably solved on new MCX being shipped out, but please do not forget about all the people who very loyal enough to buy your equipment from the start and have faith in the MCX8000. Further, this should not be treated as a regular warranty issue. It’s a design-flaw that needs adressing. Open your minds and tell the truth about all this going on for a very long time.

Jackson i am agree with you, my unit is sent to denon italy assistance, This is a defective lot, it is a construction problem, absurd, why are not tested before sell?, the technicians informed me that the internal resistances of the display brightness are faulty, some units work by reducing the brightness, while others do not. I was lucky enough to receive a former demo that works as a temporary replacement

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Just my two cents (as an MCX8000 owner). What I have understood from Denon, talking to some of their reps at trade shows I visited, there is only a percentage of people that have this problem. Clearly they are the noisy ones, they speak out because their great - and pricey - controller is not doing it’s job properly.

So I am guessing than rather than having a callback for 1,000’s of units, it’s easier to just get the ones back from people complaining about this issue.

I had my unit serviced early on for a different reason and had experienced a few screen freezes while a young DJ friend of mine was trying it out (and just totally trashing it with 4 simultaneous decks from Serato, showing off his skills :-)). After it was returned my actual problem was of course fixed, but I also never had screen freeze issues anymore.

So, if you have screen freeze problem, just contact the guys at Denon support directly and let them sort you out.

As @DJ_Vintage has stated, it is only a small percentage of all MCX8000’s sold in the whole world with this issue, and yes customers are coming to the forum (which we encourage) when they have this issue. If you contact Technical support, they will resolve this screen freeze for you.


Hey folks,

Jason made an official statement about the issue and how to resolve this about a month back. See

This information is available, and I recommend that people link to the above information when anyone asks, since it seems not everyone is aware of it.

Unfortunately the info provided by JWILL in that thread is not 100% correct. I’ve learned the hard way that statement regarding ‘3 year warranty’ is useless and up to each country’s warranty rules. In my case, the unit was ‘OUT OF WARRANTY’ after 1 year, but I got it sorted out anyway which I am greatful for, but it was only done as ‘GOODWILL’. But stating on this forum that each unit has a 3 year warranty is obviously nothing that the dealers selling the stuff wants to know about.

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Hi @Jackson the Warranty is manufacture warranty, so you’re best coming to us directly for any issues.

Yes I did. Then I was informed the 3 year warranty does not apply everywhere. Nevermind.

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