Denon mcx8000 broken


Hi, I have a mcx8000. It remains frozen in the loading screen, and only the lights of the screen are turned on (everything else is off) I tried to update the firmware but the utility button does not work and when it worked (before) the wheel to choose the options does not work (neither in the right part nor in the left part) and in demo mode it enters sometimes and each time in a different way. I’m desperate, please help.


Denon mcx8000 broken fail

Denon MCX8000 Emergency Update Procedure

1.Place a USB drive that contains the latest firmware update package into USB 1.

  1. Power on the MCX8000.
  2. The left deck Cue button will flash. Press the Cue button.
  3. The left deck Sync button will flash. This indicates the unit is updating.
  4. When the left deck Play button is lit solid green the update is complete.
  5. Turn the MCX8000 off, count to 4, then turn it back on again.
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I try it and it does not blink, the only ones that it has are those of the screen and the one of the buttons of above.



It’s just time to get it repaired. Rarely, some things need more than a reboot or firmware upload



It’s a hardware fault. We had a brand new one for a club install exactly the same and reflashing the firmware in emergency mode or toggling Vegas mode didn’t work.



I’m already desperate, I need to fix it.



You either need to contact your seller or arrange a repair with Denon.