Denon MCX 8000 vs Roland DJ-808


A very loose debate on making a decision between a Denon product and a different product, considering the price difference is very similar, opinions welcome!


I’ve not used the 808 but feel it’s almost a bunch of remix buttons first, with some DJ options added, rather than equipment to DJ on , with some remix options added.

Which one is best for you could relate to whether DJing or remixing is a preference.


Apart from the MCX8000 being the better option for the mobile DJ imho, the real thing that sets the Roland apart is the built-in drum machine. If that is something you do or want to do in your DJ sets, then it’s a no-brainer as it’s the only controller out there with that functionality.

If you are just happy using the features on the MCX8000 like roll, splice, pitch play and all that to spice up your set then then the MCX8000 would suit your needs just fine.

Another big difference of course would be the screens and stand-alone (no laptop) option of the MCX8000. If that is important to you is something only you can answer :slight_smile: