Denon MC7000

Hey Guys! I’ve recently experience my left side jogger wheel does not scratch while playing…it’s very frustrating since I’ve tried everything…help please!!

Tried everything really? You removed the foil from the platter? Tested in other venues to make sure it’s not just poor grounding of electrical outlets in your house? Checked that grounding pins in your outlet/extension outlet are not bend and making poor contact? Made sure you are not picking up static electricity that fraks up the touch detection on jogwheels by walking on your synthetic carpet? When the unit doesn’t detect touch tried placing other hand on some grounded metal (like the chasis of the club mixer)? Checked for troubleshooting tips like this in other 47353 topics here regarding the same issue?

Anyway, test all of that and then you’ll know if the issues is hardware (usually a poor solder point under the jogwheel) or external. 90% it’s external grounding issue.