Denon MC6000MK2 screws map?

Now it’s time to bring back device into one piece after change faders. i have multiple screws with multiple size and types for denon mc6000mk2 exterior parts. I have no map of screws to bring back device into one piece. Please help. I need some kind of map to know where to put specific screws to make it into one piece.

Don’t think something like that even exists, apart from the service manual which never gets publicly released.

Try Youtube for a disassembly video and study that.

Always take photos of anything you dismantle. I learned that lesson many years ago.

i studied that video but there is not enough clearance and i cant recognize screws and where they came from. my denon mc6000mk2 laying on table since half of year and cant move one. i almost at end but need some kind of screws map. there are screws with totally different shapes and sizes. i cant do it without informations

I had my MC6000 apart so many times I could do it in my sleep.

If I still had the controller I could probably help, but it’s long gone now.

I am so mad about this device. Please i need some pictures of screws with sides of device

Group all screws by size and type. Then start with largest screws, find pockets where they will fit completely without extensive force, then move on to next largest.

That way you will find all fittings.

Pay attention on silver vs black big ones as you can see they have a different thread, but same size so they can be pushed with force.( dont use the force :grinning: )