Denon MC6000MK2 removing fader by soldering problem

Please help me with that. I dont know what to do next. i buyed two solderes. One 25w and second 60w. First was too weak to use so i bued second. This one start to pelling off solder points but seems not enough to fully remove pins from faders. few solder points is totally pelled off and places changed into dark. What to do next ? Is this broken now ?

what kind of soldering iron did you use? Looks like the soldering tip was way too hot.

What on earth are you doing with a soldering iron if you’re not a competent electrician? You need to contact a service center to do repairs.

You’ve fried the solder points and likely burnt the surrounding area as well. This is most likely a broken PCB and you will need a replacement board.

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I was about to buy soldering station but want to save more cash and buyed cheap 60w solderer cause that 25w was not enough. Now happends opposite. It’s sure that pcb is broken and not to repair ? Where to buy this part ?

Buy some cheap electronics first like cheap radios and hifi or TVs and practice for hours on those with soldering and desoldering. Once you can remove and replace components of different sorts on devices (and they still work afterwards) then move onto trying repairs on your expensive gear.

Too late for that. I have done previously soldering with succes but not this time. Problem is solderer with crazy random temperature variation. Whaat about this pcb ? Is possible to buy it somewhere ?

Try here Denon DN MC6000 MK2 Spare Parts ( DN-MC6000 MK2 ) - Denon Audio and DJ Parts

Buy a soldering iron with an inline temperature controller, digital or analogue it doesn’t matter. Rule 1 of soldering, always use the lowest possible temperature - all you needed to be able to do was melt the solder, applying heat to the solder points on the PCB just ensures a better connection, you don’t need to leave it on for long at all.

It appears only the 3rd pin down on both sets of solder legs is actually doing anything. There are no traces on the other pins so assume they are just to hold the slider in place. When putting the new slider in make sure you don’t lift the pads :wink:

wow thx. seems you have absolute right. how i see nothing happend only with pins that have actuall traces on board. other seems only little fried but there is no connections at other pins too. yes and i solder it only with max 7 seconds for each.