Denon MC6000MK2 internal mix

Evening all.

Quick question please… I have been using my MC6000MK2 since it’s release. I love everything about it, fantastic little controller however I have always had an issue with it and now realise that so many other DJs have experienced the same problem.

When the faders are pushed all the way up (to make mixing easier, rather than having them at 75% for example) it is simply far too loud even with master level all the way down and speakers adjusted. This has an impact on the microphone, I have tried adjusting eq levels etc but made little difference.

I came across this post and was excited about a potential fix until I realised this was just for the original MC6000.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you

I’ve not heard of the “faders all the way up make mixing easier” idea before, and indeed it should never be needed.

The Gain controls on the top of each channel are outside of the reach of midi control, for good reason. It’s these gain controls which should be used to adjust all incoming signals to a “normal” level eg: mainly green, occasionally bouncing infrequently into the red only during very rare moments in the track.

Also check in your chosen DJ software for its own output options to allow for a good “un-cooked” level reaching the MC6000 - if you’ve got a signal level that’s way too hot coming into a mixer then getting the mics and other inputs which may be coming into the mixer, all level and usable will be difficult.


Is there a reason why you cannot lower your Traktor master volume? I have it set all the way down to -14db. The only negative thing about adjusting the master volume is the fact that the headphone volume is connected to it so if you lower it too much you might not be able to make your headphones loud enough.

Dammit, I thought you were talking about the mk1 version & Traktor (cannot edit my post now).

Anyway, don’t know if SeratoDJ allows adjusting the master level, try that.

Thanks for the replies. I have been using it with VDJ, just wondering if Traktor would be any better - maybe it’s the mappings in VDJ. Anyway will play around with it when I have more time. Thanks again

If you’re using VDJ, check the “zeroDB” option in config. It seems to be the one setting everyone forgets to adjust, but in almost every setup it needs that adjustment. I keep mine at either -3 or -6 depending what I’m connected to (-6 on most Denon gear as I find most Denon mixers have a very hot signal).

Good luck!

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love the sound of the 6000 MK2. I can’t get to 0 db though, Amp of the bass bins at the bar I used it always cut off. I use it with Serato and totally forgot about the Master Gain in the software. Great tip