Denon MC2000 + Traktor

Hello everybody interested in this topic! As long as I’ve seen there is no special topic about MC2000…

I’m a Mac+M2000+traktor user.

As I made a research over the net, couldn’t find any question/answer about an easy way of fx assignment for each deck, except selecting directly from the MacBook. I would be grateful if somebody has been dealt with it and has found an easy way of doing this.I mean through a different Traktor mapping or so.

Thank you

This is the MC2000 forum section:

My suggestion would be to remap the manual loop in & out buttons to serve as FX1/FX2/FX3/FX4 buttons on Traktor controlers. Or with Shift as a modifier.

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Thank you very much for your answer, seems to be a very appropriate suggestion. Will look for the way to remap, as I haven’t done this before…