Denon MC 6000 MK2 doesn't work with Traktor pro 3 all of a sudden

My controller used to work just fine with my computer and traktor pro 3, suddenly it doesn’t work but only with traktor: when I plug it in I can use it as an audio interface with my computer, it sounds correctly but when I start traktor 3 the sound doesn’t come out. The program recognises the midi controller and there’s no problem with that, but the sound doesn’t come out from the speakers. The led lights from the master don’t turn on at all. Nevertheless I can hear through my headphones just fine (pre-listen). I don’t know if it’s a problem with the program or with the controller. What confuses me is that the audio interface does work if not it wouldn’t sound when I play a song from my media player in Windows 10. Any help or idea is welcome and appreciated.

Something between windows and traktor -

Best to try the traktor forums as not many people here use traktor

Generally it’s not a good idea to have the audio interface set as default in Windows when you want it to work with DJ software…