DENON MC 4000 not compatible with Algoriddim Djay Pro 1 and 2

I bought Denon MC4000 because in the website of Algoriddim is said this controller is compatible with this software. I have sadly to say that it isn’t.

The controller works well with other softwares but not with Djay Pro 1 and 2. If you consider to use this together, just forget it. Better buy Pioneer DDJ RR (tested and works OK).

Algoriddim support doesn’t answer with this Issue. I write here in case you see this post and you want to speak directly with them. People who want to use your controller Denon MC4000 with that software wil be disappointed. Just to explain you can lose sellings of that controller.

Thank you for reading this post. I am all ears for a solution.

Hi there

Please see this link for Algoriddim DJay Pro2 trial, via the Denon DJ MC4000 product page, ‘downloads’ page.

Let us know if you have any problems Paul

Okay so this took me a while to figure out but The MC4000 does work with DJay. If you are using Windows 10 like I am and were using a software like Serato of Traktor prior to trying to hook up to DJAY then you will need to uninstall the drivers that came with those softwares. Power down and unplug unit. Once unit is fully booted back up, plug in MC4000 and power up. Windows will load its own drivers. With those new drivers soundcard and midi should be operational. Although this works, I found this very cumbersome because anytime I was switching software I would have to reload or uninstall drivers. Needless to say, that is not ideal. But it definitely fixes the issue. One thing that truly is missing is an explanation of the DJAY functions on the MC4000. This would be a great piece of data for all users. I hope you are still tuned in @paul_denondj :slight_smile: thank you. Hope this helps @menorcafesta

Hello Paul,

I have tried the trial version of Djay pro 2 with the same problems. But in fact I don’t want to move to Djay Pro 2. I have legaly bought for two years djay pro 1 and I like the user interface. I don’t know why that happen. I have tried the naive mapping and also the customized mapping. Total random the faders go crazy and also the time pitch faders, and also sometimes the next track suddenly disappear and appears another track. That all in a live mix… To continue with the bad luck, I had a 50% discount voucher of serato pro (I had tried the trial version and worked everything Ok) but…I cannot find it anymore!:weary: I have put it in a drawer and I am not able to find it again…