Denon folder and boot problem

i downgrade to 1.6 and idem i downgrade to 1.5.1 and idem

my ssd 1To samsung is in mbr extfat my prime 4 with a 1.6.1 don’t boot properly

have to turn off with a long press of the power button and afterwards it starts again but that worries me a little for the evenings to come. I bought it at the start of its marketing is this a different hardware from more recent versions because between this blocking at startup and this problem of browsing the files but not being able to load the music on only one partition that worries me a little there

I analyze the integrity of the sql database and everything is ok I analyze the ssd ok I run prime engine and re-analyze the collection of the score which has problems with the folders but for the moment no problem with the crates or playlist but still worried

if you had any ideas for testing thank you

attached the blockage at the first start of the prime 4 and the video of the file loading problem with the directories of the evening partition folder problem boot problem

To figure out if it’s a console or SSD problem, I recommend that you remove your internal SSD and set it aside for now. Then you use a simple USB stick into which you upload your tracks and library using Engine Prime. Then you try to work with which USB stick and so let’s see what happens.