Denon Dns 3700 pitch usb issue

Hi i have three dns 3700 that have the same issue.pitching up on cd is fine but pitching up on usb the best way i can discribe it is the sound seems to wobble. any idears. Thanks

I’d suggest labelling the platters A, B, C and label the players 1,2,3 and try each platter on each player to see if every platter behaves the same on every player.

The players and platter are tested with strict quality control as a matched pair. If the players and platters have ever got swapped around then you might have a mismatched pair etc.

Other things to consider - the decks don’t have auto-sync so normal DJing takes place - eg: songs that start off in sync will drift eg: A song that’s 124.5 BPM mixes to a song that’s 124.51 BPM etc

Check also the tightness of the platter screws for (over) tightness.

Also for testing have a track recorded onto a different unpitchable device and text ea h play platter combo against that - and write down the results eg: player A with platter 1 stayed in sync with the reference track, player A with platter 2 ran slightly slower than the reference track etc

Have they always behaved this way?

“pitching up” could also mean just using the fader or pitch bend. the platters might not be involved at all.