Denon dn-x600: is it usb class compliant?

Hi! does anyone know if the Denon dn-x600 is usb class compliant (thus compatible with iOS: iPad, iPhone)??

As a general rule of thumb, anything that applies to X1600 also applies to X600 so I believe it is class compliant (but, I had not checked it).

Thanks for the reply Slay!

Have anyone else tried connecting a dn-x600 to an iPad?

I’ll try to test it in a couple of days.

Thats very kind! You will probably need a USB “camera” adapter. If it works, i would like to buy a dn-x600 to use it with the iPad-app “Dj Player Pro” and the app’s dvs-mode (timecode vinyls)…

Got a iPad but I was unable to locate a Lightning to USB adaper :frowning: There are some cheap knock-off on ebay but I’m unsure if they would work.

Thanks for trying! Tonight I will go and check out a dn-x600 and find out if it is compatible. I will give feedback here!

Make sure you set the mixer to MAC mode before you connect it with your iPad :wink:

Thanks for the last tip! And…the dn-x600 works with iPad! Now i own one:-)


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Hi! Maybe someone can help me with this: My dn-x600 is compatible with iPad, but so far only with the older iPad 3, and not the newer iPads (iPad 4 and newer). The reason could be the iOS, but I am not sure. iPad 3 uses iOS 9, while the newer uses iOS 10. Could this mean that the dn-x600 is not fully class compliant after all? Or: what about a firmware update? I found an update file on Denon dn-x600 product site, but I am not able to upload the file. I just get and error saying “is not ready for version up”. The present version is 1.030. (Please see attachments)

I would be grateful for any advices;-)

Your mixer already has the latest firmware version - 1.030. No need to try updating it (also, each firmware update is a risk - never do it if you’re not instructed to by the support staff!).

Mixer is class compliant but Apple has a habbit of breaking something in each ios/mac update. Usually, when that happens, hardware manufacturers have to issue a new firmware or a driver update. The X600 is long discontinued…

Thanks for the quick reply and valuable information!

…typical Apple…:-/

So this means that the reason for my problems with the newer iPad could be the iOS 10 update?

The disadvantage of using the iPad 3 is battery life because it cannot be charged while connected with the USB “camera” adapter to the mixer (iPad 3 has 30 pin connector, and there is no 30 pin camera adapter with charging port). Only the new lightning camera adapter has a charging port… I will test an lightning-iPad with iOS 9 and see if that works…!

Yes, your problem is iOS version and not the ipad itself.

Also: "(30-pin adapters should work, too, but then I’ve seen third-party accessories already that do what this does for 30-pin.)"

Ok! I will investigate with different iOS versions;-)

Yes, the adapter in the link is exactly the one i want to use:-) But, so far I have not found such adapter for 30pin (I have spent lots of time searching on the net!). But maybe this dock would work:

No, I think they meant that you use that adapter and then plug into a Lightning->30pin adaper to plug into a older ipad.

I have seen these lightning to 30pin adapters, but they do not support audio… …but…maybe that doesnt matter…??..the communication between the iPad and the sound card in the mixer is maybe only data transfer…??

Could this combo work??

I have ordered one of these and will test;-)