Denon DN-S1200 USB Problem



a friend of mine has a problem with the DN-S1200 tabletop media player. It does not read the USB sticks, they where prepared with the Denon DJ Music Maker software. He wants to switch to USB on the DN-S1200, got a short loading time and ends up with the message “no disc”.

I read in the manual that the device can only read FAT16 and FAT32 formatted drives. After trying to format the USB drive directly on the DN-S1200 it says “success” but all data is still on the USB drive. Are there any other limitations regarding to the USB drive media?


Is the USB device a memory stick/pen/thumb drive or a USB hard drive? If a drive, it needs to be powered from a power adaptor, not just USB power.

In the case of memory sticks there are often odd features on the sticks which initially make them unsuitable for DJ use such as encryption, the drive presenting itself as two drive letters rather than just one, bloatware, backup utilities , splashscreens and start-up menus etc The drive itself or the manufacturers website often features a program to remove all that fluff.

Music manager software needed the files to be in folders no larger than 1000 loose tracks per folder

From a. completely empty drive

Put the tracks/folder on the drive Plug the drive into a computer which has music manager on it In music manager point to the drive with the music on it Choose menu option for "create database" Let it run until complete

When adding more files later

Put the tracks/folder on the drive Plug the drive into a computer which has music manager on it In music manager point to the new folder(s) with the music on it(them) Choose menu option of "add to database" Let it complete


Thanks for your fast reply. Good to know the max amount of files in one Folder! The problem is solved, it was caused by the two usb-sticks he used. A third USB Stick worked fine with the DN-S1200.


Great! I’m glad that you’re up and running now.


You have probably used 3.0 usb sticks!

Older Denon equipment (1200 & 3700) is only compatible with usb v.1.0 - 2.0____ This I know from my own experience!


I use USB3 sticks, all is good. As long as you get rid of the pre loaded encryption software and Format to FAT32.

Build my Databases on the deck, flawless.

Remember the disk size, folder and file limitations and all will be good.


Perfect info - “like” given


Good to know, still keeping mine just in case.



good morning comunidas I know that it is not the forum but I do not see here but recourse actulize my denon 1200 and now I only turn on the led of the joran naranjay and the red led of the parameters as I do to restore it again denon de fabrica