Denon dj x1800

Hi all have a question i purchased the denon x1800 i know it doesn’t come with license. I already have serato dj pro with dvs which i use with my pioneer ddj sx2. I connect my technics 1200s to it and all works perfect. But when i connect the denon x1800 it asking to purchase serato and dvs. Does anyone else have this issue and if you figured it out what did you do thanks for any info.

Hello Wisin. How is Yandel?

you need serato dj licence and serato dvs licence to use the x1800 with your technics.

the sx2 comes bundled with hardware serato dj licence but its not usable with any other devices other than the sx2.

without your sx2 connected, launch serato and click on My Serato tab, it will show the products you have

You can also check it on your My Account | Serato

Thanks for the info.