Denon DJ X Resolume - How do I accomplish this?


I just saw this video Denon DJ & Resolume AV Demonstration

I connected my set up (2 sc5000 and x1800) to Resolume Arena 6. I used ethernet, and was able to control the videos with the sc5000 however with the color shift and strobe effect, I couldn’t make this work.

are their any setting that I need to adjust? How do I do what the video demonstrated?


Was there a software bridge you needed to use or is Arena 6 plug and play? I was curious about this as I am an absolute lover of Resolume.


nope no software bridge, just plug in your rj45 (ethernet cable) to your computer from the x1800 mixer. I have complete control over both the track I’m playing and the video that is linked to the player.


Saweet. I am gonna have to give that a whirl this weekend. I really want to start incorporating more live visuals into my sets.


Hi all

Please find below 3 helpful links to assist in anything relating to Resolume/StagelinQ

  1. Read this article about the Resolume StageLinQ integration:

  1. Ask questions on the Resolume Forum:

  1. Contact Resolume customer support via email:

In addition, Resolume have just released Arena version 6.1.2 that is compatible with the forthcoming Prime 4 unit:

Best regards Paul

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