Denon DJ VL12 MKII Turntable

Anything in the works? Denon?

I’d be happy with the same base unit on the MK1 just change the tonearm to something more premium and probably try to get that pitch a bit tighter and address the slight dead-zones.

Perhaps a small screen underneath the tonearm to the left of the pitch to show BPM or other similar info when connected via DVS.

Also, an official dust-cover would be nice this time.

I guess the next InMusic turntable will likely have a Stanton branding.

Good call, but if it’s just another branded SuperOEM then they really should not bother.

I commend Denon for not going that route, they just need to do a better job with the tonearm this time.

But a Stanton branded turntable using the Denon base and a better tonearm I’d be happy with …

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People seem to be happy with super OEMs. Of course, there are better and worse implementations. But the technical base seems to deliver good enough results at a competing price.

I’d be happy with a super oem with full DVS integration (performance pads, oled display, etcetera).

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RP8000mk2 and Phase would be great.

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Yes, I am happy, I own one in the Reloop RP-8000 MKII. I just don’t think we need any more because the market is saturated with them. Unless someone is going to take the SuperOEM to the next level and start adding some new features.

Yes, all those features would be welcome also perhaps Denon could look into adding DVS to EP one day.

I’m not sure how I feel about Phase. It just seems an expensive alternative to control vinyl. You still need to have a turntable or motorised platter rather … but I suppose it’s a good option to have if you already own a good turntables.

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It would be cool to have phase but into a turntable. Single deck receiver built in and the transmitter could sit in a slot that is indented into the turntable body.

Their own motorised platter with phase built in.

At least it would be a universal DVS signal then. Unlike Rane using serato timecode.

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Or something like a Rane Twelve with a tonearm!

Rane 12 actually is like a turntable with a phase build in but it doesn’t have the wireless transmitter. Twelve’s have a dual optical sensor for the spindle and the platter separately. Cpu just measures the difference between the rotation of platter and spindle to track the direction and speed. Rest is or dvs signal or direct data for the dj software that understands it. Making a turntable out of that, like it was mentioned before, - just add a decent tonearm. And we have Rane TT12.

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A Rane Twelve with a tonearm would be nice, providing it’s a good quality tonearm.

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Oh, also… Make sure the lines on the tempo fader actually correspond to the pitch adjustment percentage. Can’t count how many modern turntables where it doesn’t.