Denon DJ Table Top Isolator & Mixer For Rotary Pro DJ's

Denon DJ Table Top Isolator & Mixer For Rotary Pro DJ’s.

Horrible seriously

Recommend you either switch the X1800 to isolator mode or buy a Rane MP2015.

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@tellor01 & Reticuli

Why recommend another brand other than Denon? This is how Pioneer Dj & other DJ brands lost the Rotary Pro DJ Market. Not all Pro DJ’s use Sync, Pads etc. We know how to mix for real. Using rotary mixers, Isolators, 1200’s and vinyl.

Look at what is possible or design your own before making a comment.

The X1800 is very nice. But for Rotary Pro DJ’s - This is what we use.

Thank You.

God Bless.

DJ Maestro.

Because other brand like E&S Xone Isonoe Rane already make good isolator and nobody buy an isolator this day, just few audiophile daddy And I prefer using an rotary too but dude seriously it’s not because you can mix with vinyl you are pro, 99% pro like Detroit Swindle Dan Shake Louie Vegga use CDJ btw Like @Reticuli say there are plenty rotary mixer with good isolator like Master Sound or Condensa Denon making an isolator it’s useless and lost of money

Just buy a Bozure ISO-201. Yeah, it would be nice but not realistic or profitable. I’m still hoping for a external FX unit from anybody other that Pioneer

/not so serious mode/

@DJMaestro2: After the first mock-up topic, I would have thought you would come with a touchscreen rotary device :wink: :+1:

Because it will do what you’re looking for. Also, Rane and Denon DJ are owned by the same parent company.