DENON DJ Support - still existing and operating?

Is it only me or is there a general problem. For all my carefully filled support requests (I have attached all and everything what was requested), and in the meanwhile I filled around 5 I never got an answer. The only thing I ever got is an email asking me to fill a survey if I was happy with the result. Of course I was not. :frowning:

Also after the introduction of LC6000 last year in spring there is until now no way to select it in the product selection dropdown.

On the other side for support requests related to Akai products (as well inMusic support) I always got a friendly answer after some days.

Consider there is an issue with form submission and they are getting never notified on support requests. :astonished:

I am really wondering why.


what issues do you have? Maybe we can help :slight_smile:

But the support request should work, I’m wondering why you haven’t got a response.


If it’s hardware related, I’ve always found that it’s easier/quicker to get a response by simply calling rather than wait on email support. If it’s software related, you’re pretty much S.O.L…it’s gonna’ be a while.

No, it was not hardware related. I was asking for some further information about the device.

Mainly I am wondering why not to get an answer at all.

That’s also why I never filled a support request about my problem with the dimmed buttons on LC6000.

Hi @Aquadics - Sorry to hear of this. I’ve raised this internally to see what may be happening. Which support channel did you submit your message to, Denon DJ or Engine DJ?

In the meantime, I’ll be happy to help with your inquiry.

The LC6000 operates on USB bus power, however the USB bus you are connected to dictates how much power is supplied to the LC6000. This is why we include a power supply, to ensure the unit always has sufficient power to drive all the controls and LED’s.

Hopefully this helps answer your question.


I @JWiLL thanks for your reply. The issue I filled (it was on Denon DJ website not Engine) was not about the dimmed buttons from the LC6000. It was about getting some additional documentation describing MIDI Sysex messages. I could only find information about MIDI controller messages on the website but are interested on the other messages two. In detail its about the message to bring the cover art on the display. The rest I already figured out. The same I was requesting for SC6000 but in this case more on Controller Mode.

Concerning LC6000 the first I did was to connect it to the provider power supply but this did not bring any change. I already mentioned why for me it is more difficult to determine the state of the Sync, Master and Key buttons. As I said the font is much larger compared to the buttons on SC6000 which of corse requires more light to make it more bright. Of course it would be great if this could be fixed with an firmware update since there are more user complaining about it.

Hi @Aquadics thank you for the additional information.

The MIDI specification is the only technical document available to the public. SysEx and SDK documentation for controller mode are reserved for our third-party developer partners.

We’ll keep your feedback in mind regarding the SC6000 LEDs. It’s worth noting that the Sync and Sync Lead (previously Master) status are also shown on the touchscreen for additional visual feedback.

I can understand that regarding media players and sdk but the lc6000 is just a controller. Couldn’t the sysx docs for the lc6000 be reconsidered for public use?


@JWiLL Thanks for letting me know.

How to become a third-party developer partners. I am a professional macOS developer with a company since over 10 years. How would I apply ? I am working on a software which is mediating between TRAKTOR Pro and LC6000. Only the cover part is missing. There could be much more LC6000 units sold with additional software support.

Also as @Wyley1 said, the LC6000 is sold as a “MIDI” controller intended to be used with any MIDI Software ( I assume that’s why we can download the MIDI documentation ). I see it some kind of limited if we are not getting the complete MIDI documentation and only a part of it. What is so secret on the MIDI Sysex format ?

This is not how we “embrace the future”.

From an open minded and modern thinking company I would expect open standards and open documentation. Consider if Apple would limit the usage of iOS SDK to a small group of developer and would keep the documentation secret. They would not be in any way so successful as they are.

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Regarding support, I do have the same experience. When I first got my Denon’s, about a year ago, I tried to update them to the latest firmware, but somehow that didn’t went smooth. I immediately contacted support for this, but never received an answer.

In the end, after a few retries everything updated fine. But as a new owner getting no reply from support at all leaves you with a bad feeling…

That’s a big contrast to Pioneer, where I asked for support on Rekordbox not importing some tracks in my collection, and recieved answer from Lennert Wolfs. After about 15 mails, with really short response times (except for the time he needed to ask for help himself, it proved to be a really technical thing) my problem was resolved. And I am not even owning any Pioneer products!

I’m glad someone brought this topic up. I contacted support for assistance regarding a networking issue I was having with my units shortly after purchasing my second unit. I never received a response (still have emails). I’m probably out of the warranty time and still intermittently have the issue. I just use 2 drives, but miss out on the tech that networking offers. I can still use the help!