Denon DJ representative on future Engine Prime updates

This is what a Denon DJ representative had to say on future Engine Prime updates:

We are just making sure that we hit the right priorities first. So right now, after these launches, a lot of the focus will move towards the software. BPM detection improvements, flexible beatgrids. […] Just lots of updates to make the software a bit more robust.

Source: Live Stream from Digital DJ Tips

So if I understand it correctly, we won’t see the Engine Prime updates during NAMM, but they will start working on them after. It sounds really exciting.

What do you guys think?

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I guess they dont have all of their folks on NAMM, so my bet is that they already are working on it :wink:

But to answer your question… “I think its about time”. :slight_smile:

New firmware was never announced for NAMM.

@JWiLL was in the video and he stated already the same on this forum, so its no news even.

Yes we already know that NAMM was all about the P2G/P2 product launches as well as hearing nothing official from Denon whatsoever during official release notes of the SC6000/M X1850 pertaining to any EP software analysis improvements and when it happens they will come on this website and officially announce/release the notes…lots of them according to the above source. Maybe incremental work in progress EP software updates could work better?

It’s great that denon ask us to make suggestions and to give us a way of voting for favourites but it’s up to a company to choose how (fast) they do business surely.

They know we want beat grid adjusting and better bpm, 6 months ago they’ve set up a brand new office and team to do firmware and or software, they’ve told us those things are coming to us, they’ve told us that the work is going well. They know we’re desperate and impatient for those features. They’ve shown us, looking at the 8000 firmware postings, in the past that no amount of Fist shaking or threatening to sell our gear or buy some other brand speeds up their plans or pushes them in any way, in fact it just seems to make them go quieter until it’s ready.

We want it They know it We have to wait for it We’ll get it when it’s ready

Hopefully we’ll get some cool features or other software in the waiting time. They’ve mentioned beta testing of a sync manager soon too.

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Jason we now have you on camera.

Video evidence of more promises…



Lough out loud on that … now they must bring us the new stuff we want :wink:

(and don´t forget the little clock in the screen)

I think all of us existing prime owners agree the new hardware looks good and users of other brands are also impressed. However the key improvement needed is the software and we all know this. This new hardware will bring more people to the denon camp but once they are confronted with the drawbacks and issues of engine prime (as compared to rb or serato) they are likely to be frustrated. So to add to the thousands of users already stating this, please get a move on with a proper upgraded version of Engine denon! :smile: