Denon DJ Prime in Clubs vs Pioneer


I do appreciate what Denon DJ is doing with the Prime Series.

Obviously pound for pound most agree that it’s more feature packed than any other product out there.

The price point as well is very great.

I was having a chat with a dealer yesterday and I feel they are having a hard time moving Denon Prime units. She says folks still come to buy the NXS2 that cost nearly twice as it despite her best attempt at promoting the features of the Primes.

There is really no objective way of quantifying customers reason and purchase decisions

Which got me thinking

  • Denons marketing budget should be used to just give free prime set ups to nightclubs & venues

  • They should consider going on the road as well, hosting parties at major city preferably on a day when a good number of working DJs are free…say a Thursday night. I have never been to a trade event and have no plans to attend any.

  • Look at making budget & mid range Prime systems e.g. a 2 channel mixer, 2 simple media player,

  • I dont think pricing is an issue as even at launch they were cheaper

  • Engine Prime needs to be prioritised for further improvements as the hardware is already more than capable


Hey @mufasa so as we speak Denon DJ are at ADE in Amsterdam, so we do attend events. We work very closely with artists and assist to their needs as and when they need our equipment at club venues.
We are constantly approaching nightclubs in the UK and the rest of the world to have prime series installed, so we do aim for resident DJs not just big names. Lastly, we have a dedicated team constantly working on Engine Prime software to add improvements and new features.

If you have any suggestions for clubs or events please let us know, and if we haven’t already approached them then we will. :slight_smile:


Yes I appreciate Denons Presence at ADE, BPM and the likes.

But I think “pop up events” will be nice.

Nothing too fancy.

Something like

Event: Prime Time Featuring: DJ Local A & DJ Local B Powered by Denon DJ x Local Pub Open decks: 8pm to 10pm Prices to be won

I’ve djed at venues with very massive booths…a venue like that will happily accommodate the Prime set up beside what they already have.

By the way I’m not criticizing Denon but I just want to see the players everywhere. Lol.

I do host events myself, rider upon rider…nothing has changed, they still requesting CDJs.

I did force one DJ to use a Denon set up once lol. He didn’t send his technical rider in on time.

He was like :exploding_head: but I reassured him that he will be fine…3 tracks later he was flying.


The struggle is real when it comes to converting DJs out of their comfort zone from Pioneer to Denon. We’ll keep persisting though :slight_smile:


A friend of mine came over to play tracks on my Prime set. For some reason it also took ages to make an appointment…

He didn’t know his RB stick would be that usable. He even thought he would have trouble mixing on the set, but after a few tracks he only kept smiling and shaking his head: “What a joy and what an amazing piece of gear is this! Wow!!”

And too bad most of the so-called A-listers are reluctant and not revolutionary anymore.


Yes same thing in europe particulary for underground Techno & House place in Paris (Rex Club Concrete Djoon Machine du Moulin Rouge…) friends and DJ still asking for CDJ but it’s take time to change the mentality ! DJ are generally lazy and why change if everything work ? They are not really interrested by news features offers by Prime it’s sad ! 80% of my close friends still play vinyl only and have a usb key for some tracks who cost more than 50 euros in vinyle


COMFORT, EASE-OF-USE, FAMILIARITY, RELIABILITY. These, are key to me in making a decision on equipment.

I was a long-time Turntable DJ but was re-energized when the CDJ was released because of the way it mimicked the Technics 1200 with some neat enhancements added. For me, it was a comfortable transition from vinyl to digital and their product also proved to be very reliable.

Serato music management was very straight forward, with a layout very similar to iTunes, and the software is very stable. Also their team constantly sends out updates for bug/fixes found.

With both Pioneer and Serato, there have many tutorial videos showing DJs how to use their products in the real world.

The summer of 2017, I purchased the MCX8000 because I liked the approach that Denon DJ was taking. I chose the MCX8000 over Pioneer’s XDJ-RX mostly because of build quality, features, and Pioneer’s over-inflated price for a less-than professional piece of equipment (also Rekordbox, in my opinion, is not very user friendly, and Pioneer is pushing it on DJs because of their position in the industry). It appears that Denon DJ got it right with the HARDWARE (build quality and features nearly make it a DJ’s Dream controller) but the shortcomings are from the supporting firmware and Engine Prime Software. Shortcomings like these cause distrust to invest further in the brand. Also, I’m sure many DJs will do their investigations (forums, feedback from other DJs) before making the investment.

BOTTOM LINE: Denon’s hardware if fantastic but the software/firmware side needs improving to increase user confidence. Way too much time elapses between identified bugs/fixes being addressed. Also, more tutorial videos would help market the brand.


Here then another of pioneer owner !