Denon DJ MC7000 + Serato DJ PRO

Good evening. To whom it may concern: I update my windows OS from win 8 to win 10. I installed serato DJ 2.5.7 and it is connected with my laptop. the problem is that when I play music sometimes stops and continues playing…i do not know where the problem is. It looks like the problem is between the USD from the laptop to the Serato DJ.

There’s USB dropouts / audio glitches (Windows) and Serato DJ

system report file: DxDiag.txt

I installed LatencyMon 7.2 and I recorded and please check the attachment.

In addition I recorded some of the music/noice that I am experimenting when I use the Denon DJ MC7000 with Swrato DJ

Please suggest me on what can I do to fix this issue.

I also want to install the expansion pack voucher and it not let me because it says that i have to buy it even though the 3 free expansion pack vouchersProcessing: Recording_39.wav… Processing: 20211122_165858.jpg… Processing: Latency Monitor.txt… .

Thank you and I hope I can get the system up and running at 100% because I want to start using it.

Regards. Pablo

Contact Serato.

They will be happy to help