Denon DJ LINK'D sessions starting today

From today for three Tuesdays, DJs playing sets using Beatport Link streamed music

Denon don’t seem too bothered about posting it here, so I’ll help out. :slight_smile:


You know what I found interesting when watching Pig&Dan’s set? Dan didn’t seem to be using the QWERTY search AT ALL before loading up a track. So, does this mean that Denon are adding “Link Offline Locker” support directly to the player’s functionality? If so, that would make Beatport Link a MUCH MORE enticing medium to get behind. It’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me from being a monthly subscriber.

BTW, Kudos to Denon & Beatport for putting these “Link’d Sessions” together…both sets from NEVERDOGS and Pig&Dan were a joy to listen to/watch today! Lookin’ forward to hearing/watching Bushwacka, Juliet Fox, and DJ Pierre’s sets in the coming weeks!

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Within Beatport you can “add to playlist”, instead of purchase, and that list will simply appear on the unit.

A question about you lucky owners of SC5000 and SC6000: on them is it possible to insert two separate USB sticks with two different Engine DBs with two different playlists in the case of a B2B event like in the video? So that every DJ has his own playlist?

Yes, but only one can be active for history, playlist and other performance data.

So, in essence, you’d need to “load profile” from your drive when playing your tracks.

So that’s what happens with the Prime 4 when I insert two USB sticks. So it’s the same.

Difference is that you could choose to do the B2B using one of the players. One DJ on the left, other on the right player. Each their “own” player.

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So each player can have their own stick with their playlist?

Yes. If you both stay on the same player, I would think there is no issue.


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Interesting :thinking:

I got a first hand look at how 4 decks are actually used by pros.

Can’t wait to see the others spin.

Bushwacka on right now