Denon DJ DS1

Hi, I’ve just bought a Denon DJ DS1 and connected it to my Technics SL1210s and Serato DJ Pro. Everything seems to be working but when I play an MP4 through the control record I get a high pitch tone coming out of the speakers with the music. If I have the music loud I can’t hear it but it’s really annoying. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? I’m using 2x SL1210 mk7 and a reloop RMX60 mixer with the Denon DJ DS1.

That the timecode signal noise. But you shouldnt hear if everything is connected properly.

If you are hearing the noise, Music shouldnt play

How did you connect the DS1 to the mixer? Line or Phono?

  • Check that its connected to Line input on the mixer

  • on the DS1, Technics Turntables are Phono level.

Thanks Mufasa.

The decks are plugged into the inputs of the DS1 and the outputs are plugged into Line on channels 1 & 4 of the mixer and terminated. The CD/PHONO button is pushed down for Phono.

The high pitched tone comes out the speakers when the music is playing and when the needle is on the record but the track has finished.

I cant remember if i hear the timecode noise when the track finishes like you described.

I hear it on the vinyl itself as the needle travels on the record if the studio is quiet

I know for sure i hear it in THRU mode.

Ask on the Serato forums…you will get better traction there.

When was support DS1 on Big Sur???

Si, pienamente compatibile con big sur and m1