Denon DJ Announces Resolume & SoundSwitch Integration with StagelinQ

Resolume + StagelinQ

SoundSwitch + StagelinQ


Great stuff!

But did he just mentioned Arena only for the support?

Just as I was planning to sell my Soundswitch card, Denon shows up with another reason to rethink that move.

Will Soundswitch be baked into Engine Prime now or how will this work?

I didn’t really like the fact that it was an entirely different software to Serato meaning I have to reanalyse my entire library in SS for the autoscripting.

Are there plans to integrate the Soundswitch software into Engine Prime so that as one is doing the analyses it’s for both lighting and audio (just like Rekordboxdj) And Of course as a user selectable option for folks that don’t need SS/Lighting

Hi @mufasa

Upcoming, we will be launching with Soundswitch in it’s current form. As we continue to grow the ecosystem, we’ll be looking into ways to better integrate these systems.

I’ll give a heads up to the SoundSwitch team and ask them to monitor and chime in to this Forum category.

Best, Paul

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I also think the current form should still be kept and maintained i.e standalone preparation (scripting) mode and performance to allow users who still want to use virtual dj and serato to continue having that option.

But for Denon prime standalone users, baking it into Engine prime will be a great move.

Alternatively if the plan is to keep SS as a separate application will be for SS to automatically read Engine prime track analysis database skipping that step of having to re-import and re-analyse tracks in SS.

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If I may… I was expressing my concern with Matt and Dan of the Soundswitch team before this announcement. I think as far as Soundswitch goes, there should be a “lower end” friendly version/integration with the prime engine. My elephant in the room is that I don’t use a laptop and never have to DJ (Only my thumb drives or cds). So, integration and lighting setup at home with the Denon Prime Engine Software would be great. Then when I get to the show plug in the Soundswitch dongle and voila. Would I bring a laptop ONLY to use the Stagelinq and Soundswitch applications to make it work? Sure. But I believe the SC5000 decks were designed to get the laptop out of the way. What I’m suggesting here that it seems its going against the grain to have to all the extra dongles, ethernet cables, two extra plugs for a piece of hardware that was designed as “less is more”. Lastly, Denon DJ OWNS Soundswitch so why can’t it JUST be implemented with the Prime Software?? Is this being rushed to market?? For example…If I would have KNOWN that Denon would have made the SC5000M’s, I would have waited (still been using my Denon spinning platter 3700’s) and brought those. Now, I will have to trade in my SC5000’s for the 5000M’s. Feel Me? I hope a simpler solution can be found sooner rather than later.

In the press there is plenty of reference to SL in combination with Prime, but I am assuming it will work equally well with MCX8000’s Link port?

One of my major gripes with DJ software has always been it’s proprietary nature when it comes to user-provided customisation (think tags, cue points, loops, etc.). Not too long ago moving from one platform to the next permanently was a total b*tch to begin with, let alone having a primary platform to use and being able to use the same USB-stick on several platforms. Thanks to clever tools and new features in DJ software these barriers are finally breaking down.

Let’s say that Denon create a Prime integration with SoundSwitch and then someones files won’t work if they are playing on other gear, despite that gear supporting the original SoundSwitch option. I don’t think anybody would be too happy about that.

Finally, I have always said that light is something that should be left to light engineers. A DJ’s job is busy enough as it is without having to worry about managing an appealing light show too. Sound setting on lighting fixtures is a half-decent backup at best, but having it run that way all night is boring at best. Software like SoundSwitch takes a real good stab at allowing you to pre-program you light with each track. And as soon as that is available, we really like to have it integrated directly in our DJ software, rather than having it as separate software. While I understand the sentiment, imho it’s not that big a deal. The big deal is in making light shows for the 1000 - 2000 tracks you use regularly :slight_smile:


Resolume recently released the update with Denon Prime support

Just curious as to why the prime integration is only for Resolume Arena.

799 euros will be a price barrier to many. :hot_face:

I’ve got Avenue :sweat_smile:

Prime 4 and Resolume Arena appears like an unlikey mix.

Prime 4 and Virtual DJ/Serato Video :+1:t5::ok_hand:t5:(weddings, sweet sixteens, etc)

If a DJ/VJ is goin to be using Resolume Arena, i m guessing it will be for big stage productions and thus more likely to have SC5000/M on the rider.

Just sayin