denon 3700 system error platter trouble power of on

HI I make use of my 3700 before taking it to event when i got to the venue i turn it on one of them come up with (system error platter trouble power of on) i try all possible thing like turn off and on, lose the the jug and fix it back still noting happen pls help, my serato cd is playing fine thanks.

Do you have a pair? If yes, have you tried swapping the platters over between decks to see it that helps fix your issue?

Are they in a properly internally supported road case when transporting them (with the platter supported by foam)?

Which software version is installed on the deck? (check the deck’s menu).

Please answer all questions. Thanks.

Hi guys, I have the same problem!!! In the weekend I will try the solutions indicated from Double_A and I will answer too

Thanks The problems have been solve I found out that one of the Motor coil get cut