Denon 3700 Mapping for Traktor Pro 3

Looklng to get Traktor Pro 3, have downloaded the demo version on 30 day trial. Doesn’t look like the Denons are natively supported (no surprise as they are legacy product), so looking to run a mapping (including using the motorised platter) so can use in hybrid mode.

I do have the option of using an audio interface ESI Maya44USB+, but can’t seem to get it working (I don’t have the Traktor timecode cd’s)

In VDJ8, I can just plug the Denons into the laptop and VDJ does the rest.

Any help would be much appreciated !

I do believe one user made a custom mapping for using them in hybrid midi mode in traktor 2.11 version so that should do fine (also solved an issue with pitch locking). Try to find it on DJTT mapping page. But before that make sure you are able to use timecode with your Maya interface, set everything up before adding Denon into the mix. Download timecode from torrents or something.