Denon 3700 external hdd USB - how much gb?

Hi, i have two Denon 3700 cdj. I want to know how much gb max external hdd usb?

I’m not sure there is a limit to the size of drive, it just needs to be class compliant.

From the product literature:

Connect your, iPod®, thumb Drive, and large Hard Drives for easy access to your small or extensive mp3/wav libraries up to 50,000 files

Yesterday i buy a 1tb external hdd not alimented. When i plug in cdj take off and take on in auto, like a restart. After i click USB and display say me NO DEVICE. I try with fat32 and ntfs file system and only 3 track…

Well the deck was released in 2009 so maybe 1tb is pushing it a bit.

Maybe other forum members can advise the size of drives they are using.