Denon 2.0 and RekordBox

Question: 1. Can Pinoneer DJs that prepare the music in RekordBox 6 turn-up with a USB plug it into a SC5000 and play without loosing playlist structure and hotcues?

Question 2. What features will the Pinoneer DJs loose?

At 1 - yes, sc5000 will read rekordbox usb and import the playlist structure

At2. Memory cues - these are not present on any other gear than Pioneer. But can be that they will get imported as hot cues.


For 1., while NoiseRiser is generally correct, I have had issues since 2.0 with Rekordbox playlists not keeping their order when brought into my SC5000. It is inconsistent, but often does not work.

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Strange, I used many rekordbox usb’s and never had an issue with playlists. If tracks in the playlist are not in order (just change the sorting on the player)

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Unfortunately that does not work for me in some cases. See my bug report here:

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Ok, now I understand the issue. Very strange. Maybe there is something wrong with the reading the amount of tracks in the playlist that causes the deck to sort them wrongly. I never made a playlist that is longer than 150 tracks. Maybe there is a number of tracks where the player is losing the track number… or as You mentioned, possibly reads it wrongly… I think one of Denon devs should take a look at it.