Delivery time x1850 Netherlands

Good afternoon, I have a question why I have to wait so long for my ordered denondj x1850 mixer? it is outrageous that I have to wait so long in the Netherlands. I ordered this from Bax shop in the Netherlands but a very long waiting time. Can’t it be faster? if you want to compete with pioneer you have to do your best!

I got mine from


Patience is all that is needed. It’s a new model, working it’s way through distribution, customs, Wholesalers, dealers… the whole caboodle.

Worth the wait

No need to wait 26 weeks when Thomann have stock.

Cancel the Bax order and get one now from Thomann.

Although Bax says they do have stock in Goes. Contact the Goes store, tell them you have placed an order and get them to send you their stock.

Hi on Goes they only have 1 demo model in the store. I would like to buy the x1850 somewhere else but my x1800 mixer was lost during the repair and if the good service of bax allowed me to choose another mixer and then I want the x1850 right away.

In that case, it’s your decision to either take the demo model now, or wait 26 weeks. They owe you a mixer, so they should give you the demo model.

Alternatively get Bax to refund the cost of the X1800 and buy the X1850 from Thomann.

The other thing to check is how much it will cost to send a mixer back to Thomann in Germany from where you are, in case it ever needs repairs as most warranties are only valid in the country of purchase.

So if you needed an led replaced 6 month into ownership for example, if you imported a mixer from thomann Germany to you In Netherlands, you might have to consider paying for the repair in Netherlands but with hardly any transporting costs or delays - shouldn’t be too bad on an led of course, but what if it’s a display or a pcb or power supply internal. If might cost you €$£ to send the mixer to Germany to get a free repair, then cost you again to get it sent back

I think waiting for local stock might be best

For 26 weeks? That’s nearly six months. Half a year - to replace a mixer that they lost!

They should be falling over themselves to help him out.

If that was me, I’d insist on having the demo unit. They could always agree to replace it with a new one at some (much) later date.

Every situation is different. In that situation, I’d be asking for a refund.

6 months at the moment, might still be before we all need our gear for public gigs anyway :cry:

I bought the an denon prime go a couple of weeks ago at Keymusic. Delivered the next day. At Bax music 26 weeks delivery time. So it depends on where you place you’re order.

It might be that bax are getting primes in as regularly as anyone else, but maybe bax have lots of paid orders already queuing

I’ve been very fortunate to be the one who bought the very last x1850 in Canada if not the only one unit that was ever in Canada. It was a my local retailer too.

My guess is that covid screwed up a lot of plans and delayed many things in the supply chain. It seems it might take until September for non essential supply chains to be reestablished.

Not sure if you’d noticed but there is a global pandemic going on which has impacted supply of a lot of products… Maybe just have a little patience, just a thought.