Delivery time for Denon DJ Stuff

hey who’s waiting for his orderd stuff like me? Orderd at the end of February X1850 and SC6000… still waiting… don’t get me wrong, i’m not angry abour Denon DJ… just would be happy to know if it will take weeks or months to get it.

Have you asked @JWiLL, maybe he could help you ?

i asked by the support form from denon dj website, but no response. but i red in the forum, that they’re not so reliable with this. but i will ask jwill.

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Maybe consider ordering elsewhere if possible? GC has them in stock ATM Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME Professional DJ Media Player | Guitar Center

I got 2x sc6000 & x1850 from GC a few weeks ago with 2nd day shipping without any issues.

thanks for that, but i ordered it be a small dealer i know very well and he is a customer of my company. so i will not call back my order by him. i hope that the world wide production of electronic stuff will go on an people stop buying computers for homeoffice work.

Respect :slight_smile:

Any idea why the price went up by $100?

Price of components rising due to shortages.

In Europe one of the music stores I order from has a June 22nd date on the 6000M. Sad to see Denon having such a hard time with distribution. Hope it more due to demand than product chain issues.

First i want to say: Sorry for my bad english. Second: This problem is caused by an circuit board scarcity. All industry sectors are affected by this problem. I have a good friend who works at Telekom. He said this situation will last to the middle 2022 or longer before it gets back to usual. I already ordered my set of Denons at Thomann. in their shop you have to wait 4-5 months. Lets see and hope

(sorry if somebody already said this)