Deleted Source Tracks

Hi all

I have made an error. Usually, all my music goes into the iTunes folder, after which I import it to Engine and go from there. Obviously, all the source files are within the iTunes library and held there. I then delete the download folder files.

Recently I downloaded a bunch of music, drag and dropped it straight into Prime, organised it and then packed it to the USB. I then deleted the download files which were the only copies on the computer so now within Prime they are showing in red as the file is missing, it is however still on the USB so I’m wondering if there is a way to re synch all this, rather than having to delete all of the missing file data, copy from the USB and then put it back into Prime / Itunes.

Cheers in advance for any help.


Hey Fran,

I’m sorry you’re running into an issue and I appreciate you taking the time to detail it out properly.

Currently there’s no way to do this other than what you described in the last sentence. Still - it’s rather lucky that you have at least a manual backup.




Have tried dragging and drop the music files from the music folder, inside the Engine Library on the usb drive into the collection section of the Engine Prime software where the deleted files is red? I think that is all is needed to the red missing files. I suggest making a folder directory on your computer and then drag the music files to that folder from the usb. Then into the Engine Prime software.

During the packing process, all the tracks are arranged on the drive in folders by Album/Artist. Unless this was miraculously the same exact way that the tracks in the download folder were organized, the file paths in the database won’t line up. :frowning: