Deleted music in Engine vs Old Backup of Cue Points/Loops

Yesterday, by mistake, I came to delete my music in Engine (on Mac) - without backup. So I re-installed all music from iTunes, but my cue points and loops were gone. I have found an “Engine Library” from 2 weeks ago with these files: m.db, m.db-journal, p.db, sm.db, stm.db, stm.db-journal, stp.db and “version”. Is it possible, that the cue-points/loops are in one/more of those files?? And if yes, where should I copy those files to? (mac-file-adress for Engine?). (Yes - I learned a lesson to backup!) Thank you!

The p.db hold the info you seek, but perhaps put them all back.

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Thanks - however this p.dp file did not work.