Delete red files from library prime

Hi There,

I have cleaned up my music files within iTunes. Deleted all files no longer needed. However this leaves me with a lot of “red files” / dead tracks within the engine prime library.

Since engine prime already discovered the actual file is missing, is there a way to remove all the “red files” at once?

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Hi Mufasa,

thanks for answering the question. I do not wish to relocate the files, I want to remove them from the library. if possible all at once…

I think you can do the following: click on “collection” then order by file location

All missing files will be at the top (or botton) of the list

Try @rcatelli suggestion.

Also vote for the feature here


Hi Rcatelli,

Thanks for answering. Unfortunately engine prime does not sort on directory location.

Also the complete directory is still listed, so sorting would not work anyway.


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