Delays when using hot cues?

I’ve upgraded my MCX to the latest 2.1 Firmware but ever since I upgraded, when I use hot cues (Not roll or slicer) while the song is playing and sometimes when the song hasn’t yet started, I get a delay between me pressing the button and the MCX actually going to the specific hot cue, any fix or has someone else experienced this? Serato on the other hand has no problem and also I do not think my USB is to blame


Happy to help!

So to clarify, this only occurs when using Engine standalone and not when using as a controller for Serato? Are you using an Engine Prime database?

Assuming this happens to virtually any song in standalone, I would consider re-formatting your USB drive and re-exporting your database from Engine Prime.

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Yes, this only occurs in engine standalone, the MCX is updated to the latest firmware and I have the latest version of Engine Prime on my Mac. Will try to do as you said when the sun comes out again.

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