Delay in shipping two years after launch


I purchased two SC5000’s and an x1800 mixer. Even being two years old, in my opinion they’re still the most advanced hardware on the market. However I don’t understand why its going to take almost two months for me to get everything. The SC’s in early May, and X1800 in June. Like I said this product is two years old. How is it possible that I have to wait two months for a product that you seem to be manufacturing regularly?



What country are you in?

Plenty of them in stock ready to ship in the UK … so much so there are some quite large discounts on them too.



In stock here in DK as well.



Hey Hawksdude, welcome to the forums!

Yeah, curious to know where in the world you are at. It seems that the Primes are in stock with our biggest online retailer here in Holland (aka The Netherlands). Even the turntables are fully stocked.



Strange, I went to my supplier last week and walked out with the X1800. The players did I purchased in December and the same. No delays!



I live in the USA. They’re heavily discounted as well, but multiple dealers are quoting May and June. I live in the SouthWest region.

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I believe has what you want in stock. I have bought all my gear from them for years including my Primes. Shoot them a message and get a stock check. It’s In Miami and they provide free shipping so that’s plus.