Default ISO crossover points - request for help

Hi all,

Help required for anyone with a Prime GO (although the 2 and 4 are probably the same). I managed to accidentally change the isolator crossover defaults for high and low in Utility settings while scrolling through. I’d be really grateful if someone, who hasn’t changed theirs, would let me know what the defaults are, please, so I don’t have to restored all my settings to default.

Many thanks!

I’m sure there is a reset function at the bottom of the menu, but I think this resets all settings to default so just be aware.

This happened to me. Not sure I set it back to the right value.

Yeah, that’s what I meant in my original post…I don’t want to have to restore ALL my settings to default, just to get the ISO x-overs defaults back. I was hoping a current Go owner (or Prime 2 or 4) who hasn’t changed them might let me know.

My Prime 4 has 220Hz and 2200Hz as ISO crossover points, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed them.

Thank-you. Looks like I’d moved the 2200Hz up to 2500Hz.

Shame you can’t scroll through settings with the library encoder to avoid these mishaps… Denon DJ - make it so!! And add a cross fader disable option and some form of channel VU whilst you’re there! ;o)

Really the defaults should written be in the manual, shown on the device, or a have ‘default’ button next to each option.

But if you’re using the same PA speakers every time, maybe you should find you own best settings for those EQ crossover points, rather than goings for what the factory thought was generically ok