Dedicated LC6000 Page

Okay, JWiLL you created that LC6000 discussion page, but I cannot create new topics. Whenever I hover my cursor over “new draft”, it simply displays a ‘ban’ logo. I’ve had my LC6000 for a few days now and I have some requests.

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Already :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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That’s just what I was thinking.

Especially as it’s a slave deck; got no display, so sidesteps all the usual requests for bigger, smaller, dimmer, brighter, stretched, shrunk, horizontal, vertical mishmosh

More on the software side of things. For instance, I want to be able to disable the touch strip. If I want to scrub through the track, I would rather just do it on the SC6K’s glass screen. I don’t like that huge pad being there to scrub through a track. I know I’m going to end up touching it by accident. I also want a way to unmount a layer. I know this has already been requested, but it REALLY needs to happen! When you’re done playing on that second layer, still having that track loaded and sitting there is really annoying!


That’s more a general EngineOS thing though rather than a specific LC6000 thing, and I think there’s at least 1 feature request thread around for it. Your best bet at making your voice heard on that one is to ‘like’ the feature request.

Also I think there was some button combination that forces an unmount, can’t remember it though - might be worth a Google

Fine, maybe I just want to get their attention by adding to another request. I know that’s not the proper way of doing things on here, but It’s sooo important that they make that happen. Especially now that I have this control surface that can be touched at any given moment triggering whatever is still loaded on that layer. It wasn’t that big of a deal when you had to actually switch the focus (A/B) for a particular layer via the SC6K. But having the LC6000 right there with the layer still loaded up makes that dormant layer a liability. Does that make sense?

But, the request to have the touch strip disabled, while at the same time leaving the functionality enabled via the SC6K is still pertinent.

Do you mean for the lc6000 touch strip to be non responsive but for the needle drop on the mini waveform on the SC to still work?

Yes, exactly!

Youch that’s niche.

I can almost imagine the sc5000/6000 having to have the needle drop lock, pad lock, eject lock etc all having “layer [A] [B] [C] [D] by the side of each option, then have the user select or deselect the A B C and D as required. Either as illuminated squares or tick boxes

Yeah, I’m just going to cut a thin piece of plastic roughly the dimensions of the strip, and then cover it. That thing is an accident waiting to happen. Why did they have to make it so huge?

Coz if they made it small someone would ask for it to be made bigger by way of a firmware update lol

Actually… wouldn’t it be good if the touchstrip had modes. For you, an OFF mode, but for others there would be “ON” … but also, Transform Plus (mutes audio via the SC when touched, great for scratching) and transform minus (mutes audio via the SC until it’s touched… oh the support calls they’ll get for that feature being activated accidently)

I feel that way too with controllers that have the touch strip…SX, MCX etc

I have the feature deactivated in Serato.

I was one of the very vocal ones that got the touch strip lock on the original SX and didn’t stop until it went into Serato DJ. I kept touching it when I activated the FX and I have fat fingers haha.

I think a lock on the touch strip would be better. Maybe have it where it only works in combination with the shift key so it’s dormant any other time.

And yes, eject would be great. I hate having tracks loaded to the layers so have to switch off the layers to eject SHIFT + DECK 3/4.

At least for the B layer that is possible (shift + layer button on the SC6000).

Why would it be. The needle search is locked when playing a track by default.

Also, when cutting a piece of plastic to cover it up, make sure you don’t let that piece touch the needle strip; it is pressure sensitive, not capacitive.


Well if you add the plastic than accident will happen

Good to know…I assumed it was capacitive. Thanks.

I have mine unlocked. I rather like being able to touch the SC6K’s screen. But the strip is big and so close to the jogwheel. I have already accidentally touched it mid-mix. If Denon won’t provide someway to have it locked, but at the same time allow the glass screen to be unlocked, then my only choice is to cover it.

When the LC6000 is powered on, the Shift+Layer Button doesn’t appear to work anymore. Denon MUST address this. We NEED an unmount/eject feature for the layers!!! Frankly this should take priority and be available on the next update…hear me Denon?