DECKSAVERS for SC5000M's - can't find any. How are you keeping them covered?

Got pics for ideas on how to keep them covered? The SC5000 decksavers do not fit the SC5000M’s. We need to all email decksaver to get them to make these! Send them over a message here:

Decksaver is always fast in producing new covers. No need to spam them…

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I did the same last week.

I messaged about 2 months before release/launch of the 5000ms and Decksaver never responded, I did the same the day they came out and when my new 5000m Denons arrived, no response.

So really no point in “spamming” or sending message TBH

As Reese says should not take them too long

So requesting info on availability of a product is “spamming” :flushed:

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Decksaver actually thanked me for making them aware of requests for these. I’d consider it spamming if it was the same person repeatedly requesting it directly, which is not what I am suggesting at all.

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Hey @ Fresh & @ Mufasa, I don`t see asking as spamming? I gave up messageing or “spamming” them after a few messages, but did they give you any indication of how long before they release new Decksaver covers for these? At present mine are covered with a faux leather cover when not in use, just for any dust but really want the hard protection a Decksaver gives.

Hi Everyone - I’m in touch with them now so I’ll see what they say then come back to you :slight_smile:


Response from decksaver

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They are in the process as we speak :slight_smile:


I’m using this cheap Zomo cover. not beautiful as decksavers though…

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I’ve never really been into these hard plastic covers. I’ve always just used a flightcase if I’m taking the babies out or a beach towel that’s never used for anything else, lain across the decks and mixer - keeps the dust off and all.

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I cover up with layers of bubble wrap at home. I’ve had pizza delivery guys stick stuff on top of TT tonearms when I just had a lycra “pro gear” cover over everything meant for like sound boards.

Decksavers now out for the M`s

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