Deck 2 went into reverse by itself?!

I’ve got to say, i have loved making the switch from my old HD2500 to the MCX8000, Having read some of the horror stories had made me slightly uneasy when out on a gig, but touch wood, everything ‘had’ been ok…until this weekend.

Having played 4 1/2 hours solid, deck 2 decided to switch into reverse (Mid track), and Serato lost a lot of the deck information?!

Anyone? Any thoughts at all…

Mine has done this as well and I have found it was because of a keyboard shortcut. I thought I was searching for a track in my library but did not click the search box on SDJ and it started to play in reverse after typing. You have to press the shift and then then the CENSOR button the the 8000 which is REVERSE.

Hope that helps ya out.