Deck 2 is Frozen after update

I have a brand new Denon Prime Go and after I updated, deck 2 keeps freezing. I can load tracks onto it. Navigate the track itself. It just won’t play. I have the 1.5.2 update. Please help. I can’t have this happen during a live event.

Hi @GQTIM2, welcome to the forum!

See here:

When I try to download the img file I get this “.img files can’t be previewed.” message.

Try “save as” not “open”.

Hi Reese,

is there any other way to download the 1.4 v link? its saying file corrupt…please help!

can you send me a link?

I can still perfectly download the Dropbox link of JWiLL’s post, which ends up in a ZIP-file containing the IMG-file you need to put on a USB-flashdrive to update the unit.


ok thanks … ill try again.

Let me know. Otherwise I’ll try and upload to a WeTransfer.

do you mean drag the zip-file into my usb? and then slot into my deck?

please Reese, ill very much appreciate it, if you can do the We Transfer, or ordinary folder. alternatively, you can send it directly to my email… its not downloading!

I’ve removed your e-mail. You don’t want spambots lurking. File is probably too big to send via mail servers anyway.

ok thanks for that… much appreciated.

ill keep you posted.

got an error message " disc image file is corrupted" shortly trying to open the file. are there any solutions to this?

You are doing something wrong here.

Where do you get the “corrupt” message? Screenshot perhaps.

ok give me a sec…ill screen shot

here you go… see above

Why are you trying to open the img file?


Put USB in unit. Then go to Utility and reboot.

Read Option1:

Try and let me know. :+1:t2:

ok will do…

not happening…my deck is a prime go… not prime 4. thats probably why. is that right?

this is the screen shot ive moved file into my usb …have a look at pics