Deck 1 Freezes in PC mode

So I just switched to MacOS so fresh install of serato and engine I use the PC primarily. After a minute or so of playing music my left screen freezes however I can still control what songs are being played on channels 1 & 3 since I am using my laptop. The right screen has zero issues with channels 2 & 4. So I tried researching this issue an came up with the Denon freezing issue page off the website. I replaced the cables, then reset to factory an then upgraded the firmware again. I am still having issues. Today for the first time the entire deck 1 froze where I could not use any of the controls. Here is the settings that I have listed:

Engine version 0164 MCU version 2065

Display Version Left 5170 Right 5170 FTP server OFF Syslog server

MIDI trans interval 4msec touch sensitivity 0 on both

If someone can guide me to a solution that would be greatly appreciated

Also the same stuff happens in standalone mode however I prefer using this in PC mode

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One of the solutions mentioned here is setting screen brightness to 90%.

it dosent work with the brightness to 90%

I wanted to link you to the original post by Jason_DenonDJ, but I couldn’t find it. So just the text someone else quoted in another part of the forum:

**Hi Guys,

First off let me say that I am very sorry to hear of your issues with the display lock ups and freezes! As a mobile DJ I know how important it is that we trust the gear we use. It’s unfortunate that such an issue has negatively affected this great product and our brands reputation. At Denon DJ we always strive to push the limits and create the highest quality gear possible.

I can confirm that the new firmware version 2.0 does not resolve screen freezing issues. As others have mentioned it is a hardware related issue but does not affect all users. Display lockups are also not reproducible in all environments.

But there is good news…Recently, we discovered that in certain environments, electro static discharge (ESD) could sometimes cause display lockups. Upon this discovery we were able to make hardware changes and improvements to resolve this issue. If you are still experiencing display freeze issues please contact the support team in your area for service. The MCX8000 shipped with a 3-year warranty so almost everyone still qualifies for warranty service. If you’re outside that window please PM me and I will do what I can to help.**