"Dead Air" in between songs in playlist mode

I wish there was a way to segue songs together in continuous playback mode (automix) using the main mix. I’ve tried using it for cocktail and dinner music and there are gaps in between songs. The same feature for the zone output should be available for the main mix out as well. There should also be an option to beat mix songs in playlist mode as well and the time should be adjustable (16 or 32 beats). The length of time and mix type should be selectable between “Radio” which starts the next song when the previous song fades out and the start time should begin as soon as the previous song begins to fade out. I hope this feature can be integrated into a future firmware update. Thanks.

There’s already a suggestion thread for this notion that you can add your like to.

The prime 4 will avoid dead air when playing playlists out to the zone output on ch4 but not when playing out to master outputs (who thought that through? No-one, is my guess) . Some DJs have been running leads from zone out into a spare mixer Chanel to get gap less music from zone out to their master outs

CORRECTION ON MY POST: Didn’t read that you were talking MAIN mix, not ZONE. Carry on…

I’m expecting the delivery of my Prime 4 today. From what I’ve read in the release notes history, version 1.4 addressed this:

Quote: * Added ability to set crossfade time for Zone Out playlist (PRIME 4)

See the full release history below.

I’ll be sure to check it out later today (fingers crossed).

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