DDJ Updater..........


I have a MC6000MK2 when I open the DDJ updater it says device not connected when it is. Can someone help please


Try connecting the controller to a different USB port (no hubs)

Hi mate yeah I’ve tried that and I’ve got a new USB cable as well

I can only think of trying a different computer altogether then.

The controller is going to be ready to recieve data in a very standard way when it’s in update mode, so the only thing stopping it would be the computer sending (or not) the data.

Are you said update mode how do i put it into that?

dave, are you following the firmware update instructions pdf?

No mate I’ll have a look for them thanks

Mate, everything you need is included in the firmware zip file from product page - ddj updater, update instructions and the actual firmware file. I have no idea how you installed the ddj updater and not seen the instructions file, that’s why I’m asking.