DC Connector size for the power supply?

Hi everyone

Does anybody happen to know the correct DC Connector size for the power supply?

I’m looking to introduce some cable management for my mobile disco and am looking to obtain a DC connector extension lead.

Any information would be most useful


DJ Gaz

Don’t have one anymore, but if you can find a brand/model number on the power supply I can probably figure it out for you. Maybe shoot a picture of the label on the power supply?

I posted a photo of the power adapter block when this was asked previously but it was removed by Denon for being dangerous. Sigh.

What’s dangerous about a power supply?

Or are they trying to say it’s “dangerous” to try to extend the DC connector?

Oh well, might have to visit my local electrical shop instead then :frowning:

They said it was dangerous to post the information in case someone got a supply with the wrong polarity… even though the picture showed the correct way round.

OK, did a bit of digging and got my digital calipers out. hope this helps.

If your house goes on fire nothing to do with me :slight_smile:

Barrel connector 5.5mm OD ; 2.5mm ID ; 11 mm in length. Centre pin positive.

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So you’d be looking for something like this:


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Would it not be easier to extend the AC side of the power brick

Or I am thinking that maybe a laptop power supply for some make of laptop might fit the DC jack

Thanks kradclffe for that info

I’m gonna get one of these next week


DJ Gaz

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That looks much like the one I posted! Good you found one. No doubt it will do what you’d expect it too.