DB Corrupt on SC5000M but fine in Engine Prime on Mac

So I’ve had my SC5000M for just over a week. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version and loaded up my tunes onto an 128GB SD card (San Disk Ultra). Everything has been going great but I recently corrected some BPM analysis performed by the player using Engine Prime (on win 7) and then went to put the SD card back in the player and I’m getting a DB corrupt error message. Putting the SD card back into a computer (Mac this time) everything looks fine again but going back to the player, it’s no dice, crates, playlist, history etc are all missing. It’s as if I’ve never played a tune!

The player does appear to lock up occasionally when I’m ejecting the SD card, and sometimes on shutdown, but holding in the power button shuts it off OK and it’s been fine so far.

I’d really like to get this card up and running in the SC5000M again as I’ve put in a few hours sorting out my tunes and putting a few sets together. My time is precious so I’d rather not have to start from scratch again particularly when everything looks good in the Engine Prime software!

Any ideas?

What format is your SD Card? For optimum use it should be exFAT.

If Engine Prime on your Mac thinks the SD Card database is OK, one thing you can try is to copy the entire contents of the SD Card to the Mac (including the Engine database folders), reformat the SD Card and then copy everything back to the card.

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Engine Prime and Windows7 could be asking for trouble. Furthermore, don’t forget to “eject” the SD card on Windows7 before removing.

I’m also using SD cards as data source. If there is a problem on shutdown, the SD card will not be readable by the player. However, I my case it works again after using the USB port (with an adapter) or another player.

Also I sometimes use Engine Prime on Windows 7. That didn’t cause any problems so far.

One more thing: you can check the Engine Prime version on your computer.

OK, so I found a work around. I formatted a new USB stick and used Engine Prime to move the important tracks, playlists etc. over. Plugged this new stick into the SC5000 and it’s all working fine.

With SD Cards in WIN7, you need to always use eject within file explorer, not in the Engine Prime Software. Its an issue with Win7 specifically and effects all hardware (including Korg Electribes).

I was able to replicate your issue in the first try on a win7 VM. Win8 and Win10 VM’s did not have any issues.

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