Date added wrong Date!

Hello, I added titles on the P4 today, I have now noticed that under Date added an incorrect date is displayed, that of yesterday, so the P4 is one day back. How is it with you, can you check that out please ?? Thanks !!!

It might not be a day out, not that a day matters anyway.

I think it might be more likely that the Prime 4 is in a different time zone to you. The only way you’d know is to try and find out at what time of day your prime 4 clicks over to its next date, like midnight or midday or 3am or whatever

Okay, but how does the P4 know my time zone ??

The prime 4 doesn’t. The prime 4 is in its own little time zone.

You are in your prime zone

The two might not be the same

So I can’t change it ??

I’ve not found any way through the usual menus etc.

It would be clever if primes could take a timing update from either streaming, WiFi or engine software hookups

Okay thank’s is done now, I found the bug.